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Your dream home in 5 steps!

Looking to design your home interiors? Let’s get started.

Meet your designer

All this begins with a simple form

Meet our designers and discuss your requirements, budget, specifications, and more.

Get free consultation

Get an instant estimate for your space and get customized designs.

Book C2D Interiors

Pay 10% to seal the deal

Once you accept our offer, we will seal the deal by paying 10% off the estimated price.

Finalise your home Interior design

Finalize your designs and choose your favorite finishes.

Place the order

Start the order process by making 50% payment

Now is the time to finalize your design and get your project off to a great start.

Work begins

On-site, civil work begins.

You are already halfway there

Execution and installation

Pay 100% during installation

We create amazing designs with our designers. We make designs according to your specifications.


All orders are delivered to the site and installed according to your design.

Hurrah You have made your full payment!

Move in!

C2D brings life to your dream. Move in with your loved ones and create new memories for life. Avail of the free photoshoot session of your living space from the team of C2D Interiors.

The Team

Get to know the team that’ll be with you every step of the way.

Business Manager

You will be guided through the entire process of designing and will keep you informed throughout. We ensure your time is seamless and without interruption.

Design Lead

All lifestyle needs are accommodated and the designs reflect your personality.

Project Manager

Your Project Manager directs the on-site execution. They dedicate their lives to getting your home ready on time.

Design now, pay later

Are you worried about your budget when it comes down to interior design?


12 months – 60 months

T&Cs apply

Consult an authorized C2D associate and discuss the existing EMI schemes. | Loan approval assurance won’t be taken as a part, by C2D | All these loan approvals are based on your credit scores and other terms set by the financial companies | If you fall under the eligibility criteria your loan gets processed at the 50% payment stage.

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