Modular Kitchens : Cook Away In Style and Comfort

Modular Kitchens : Cook Away In Style and Comfort

I always saw my mother struggling in the kitchen with the space, with the utensils, with the spices’ section and every other utility there. Like every old styled Indian homes, we had very little space in the kitchen, not efficient and functional enough.

When some guests used to come, it would be more chaotic. Mother wasn’t too happy getting into the kitchen and cooking her signature meals and she did the job with a grumpy face, careful to hide it from the guests and shown only to us.I wondered if she didn’t like people coming over and preferred to seclude herself from the outside world.

Modular KitchensBut later, I realized that she was fed up with the clutter around – the utensils over the countertop, the unsightly affair of dry groceries welcoming her everyday and of the cylinder baring its ugly self. She needed respite from the mess around, from the oil stains, the dirty tiles, the ugly cylinder peeking at her and from the unholy smoke – the place needed a change – a modern, satisfactory, fully built-in, anti-fingerprint kitchen make over!

Meanwhile, we built a new house. From brick to mortar to completion, Mother was particular about how she wanted each corner of her home to shape up. And came modular kitchen!!

There it was, a big, open air, breezy and stylish kitchen. Mother went through umpteen discussions with the designer and after many cups of tea and coffee and heated arguments, her respite from the drudgery became a reality.

When I came back from college, I saw her sitting at the nook next to her island kitchen, reading her favourite magazine or watching films on my laptop.  

The Rise of Modular Kitchens in this day and age

Kitchens are no more the dull, damp and dungeon-like spaces of old. Modular kitchens are the ‘new-age’ phenomena. Such concepts aren’t luxury anymore, but a necessity to have. They have undergone such a remarkable makeover through the years that modular kitchens of today are stylish spaces by themselves. One defining characteristic that sets them apart are modular kitchen accessories that come with them, that make life easy and kitchens look good.

Some advantages of modular kitchens:

  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Stylish and Sleek Built-In Appliances powered with leading-edge designs
  • Dismantling the modular kitchen isn’t a Herculean task
  • Relocating the modular kitchen is easy
  • Customisations all the way
  • Clutter-free kitchen
  • Convenience, safety and sophistication – all rolled into one

Modular KitchensHere, are some layout designs you can consider:

The Straight Line – This is most suited for small narrow spaces. In this layout, all the work area is set against a single wall. The production chain is linear. It is cost-effective and looks sleek. However, this kind of layout does not provide for adequate work and storage space.

The Galley – In this, kitchen plan is flanked by work platforms on either side. Many consider this to be an ideal layout in terms of efficiency. Less movement per task. The only major drawback is that if the space is too narrow, the space would get easily crowded.

The U-shaped Kitchen – This type of design is ideal for a large space. It has platforms running along three walls, forming a U. This design provides for a lot of work and storage space. However, if the space between the platforms is too wide, the travel distance during a normal cooking process will be too long and could be tiring.

The L-shaped Kitchen –  This is the contemporary kitchen design in India. The platform runs along two perpendicular walls. The principle of the work triangle can best be demonstrated in the kitchen.

The Peninsular Kitchen – Again applicable to a large space, This layout has an independent counter which can be used for breakfast or snacky meals. This layout works best in open kitchens.

The Island Kitchen – the distinct feature of this kitchen layout is that there is a counter in the middle of the room. This type of plan requires a huge amount of space, but it works well for families that spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Also, this layout works well in planning commercial kitchens.

So, yes there is a demand for Modular kitchens that are fitted with stylish and intuitive Built-In Appliances. In this day and age, Indian women have a wide range to choose from and the myriad variety of sophisticated range of kitchen appliances can only justify her need. Pick any layout for the Queen of your home suitable to your space and help her fill warmth in the heart of your home – her Kitchen.

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