Blossom Kochhar Unisex Saloon Interiors in HSR Layout – Bangalore

Project Information

Being the first ever green salon in India, the interiors demanded the same natural zeal throughout. The client wanted to incorporate some new addition to the while retaining support and perfect lighting.

Art Direction

We conceptualized the décor using green and brown color to give the décor a natural feel. Shelves and partitions were prepared using natural wood. The concept this time was curvy and natural, rather than being symmetrical and edgy, which is what that makes it unique.

Our Involvement

Functional spaces were created using angular wooden partitions and shelves. The divided space was used for various functions to create proper storage needed by the salon.

Wooden angular extensions were created to add height and exclusivity in the décor. We used tones of green and brown to give the décor a natural instinct. The monotony was broken by offering enough white space as well as adding bright, colorful elements at regular intervals.

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