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Project Information

Being an interior design studio in Bangalore, we wanted our work office to showcase our creativity even we don’t speak about it. At the same time, the space needed to be functional. We want the atmosphere to be relaxing, productive, and charismatic.

Art Direction

Creating maximum at minimum cost and still maintaining the quality was our strategy. We therefore added small creative décor elements while maintaining uniformity throughout the space.

Our Involvement

Our concept was to design an office which balances efficiency to relaxation and is a perfect place where we want to be. With our quality craftsmanship we were able to avail personalized and incredible solutions. We used most luxurious materials and created an atmosphere that efficiently meets our requirements.

While the indoor space was designed to being productive, the outdoor space was designed subtly to promote relaxation. Besides offering valuable space to every team member, we ensured to add elements that can emotionally connect to us. As a result, we got a design that is bright, bold, innovative, and exclusive.

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