Trifecta Starlight 3BHK Apartment Interiors In Bangalore

Project Information

This project is another addition to our range of exotic projects, which we have done so far. The client desired for optimum utilization of space and we made the best use of every nook and corner in order to develop a picture that is gorgeous and convincing.

Art Direction

To utilize the space from every nook and corner we used laminates of shades of brown. Wardrobe, flooring, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even the dining area were toned down into a single delineation with laminates blended well with different colors.

Our Involvement

The project is a perfect example to break monotony using laminates. We have done the kitchen in veneer finish. From wardrobe to flooring, living room to the kitchen every space was enhanced using the laminates of different colors and textures. The innovation was to even create a harmony throughout the space with laminates of different colors.

So, what we used to add liveliness and exclusivity was also used to maintain a perfect, sophisticated balance. To add a chic zeal, we illuminated every space with different lightings. Eventually, we got a décor, which was exotic, exclusive, and elite.

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