Cost of Modular Kitchen – Calculate from Floor Plan

Cost of Modular Kitchen

Are you planning to get a modular kitchen? Do you want to know the cost of your dream kitchen? We can help! In this article, we’ll show you how to calculate the cost of modular kitchen from its floor plan. Read on to find out more!

Constructing a kitchen from scratch is sure to leave a hole in your pocket; this is where modular kitchens came to light. Modular kitchens are the latest trend for a more functional and trendy kitchen appearance.

The best facet of a modular kitchen is that even in restricted space, ample ideas for storage and style for the cooking arena are obtained. While discussing the Cost of Modular Kitchen, it is never too high. Many factors add up to the Cost of Modular Kitchen. There are a few items associated with the modular kitchen discussed below and the amount it consumes.

cost of modular kitchen

Items and Cost of Modular Kitchen

The main vital things involved in the modular kitchen are

  • Accessories
  • Countertop
  • Sink
  • Chimney and hob
  • Woodwork

Here is a glimpse of the cost of all these items in a modular kitchen.


Accessories such as lifts, pullouts, and baskets for modular kitchens are available from many top brands. The cost factor of these accessories depends on the companies as they fix the price. The accessories cost depends on the user’s intention for extra sophistication and varies from 10K to 15K. Research online to know the various cost factors of accessories available in the market.

modular kitchen accessories


The various materials used for countertops and the cost factor depend on the material used. Owners can opt for Corian, granite, etc. The cost of the countertop differs from 150 per sqft to 2000 per sqft. Also, the cost of fitting the granites vary from 300 per sqft to 600 per sqft or even more. After the completion of the carcass of the base cabinet, the slab installation w has done. The designer should bear in mind that before accessories or shutters are installed, the slab is to be installed.

modular kitchen countertop


While discussing sinks, there are plenty of models available in the market, and the cost varies from 3K to 25K.

modular sinks

Chimney and Hob

It is from brands that these hobs and chimneys are purchased and is mandatory to finalize well in advance as the placement and size of the hob and chimney are required as input for kitchen designing. The chimney may cost around Rs 12000 to Rs 24000. The cost of a hob may cost around 3-4K, and quality ones cost up to 10K and more.

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Chimney and hob


While discussing the cost of the modular kitchen, the woodwork consumes about 50-70% of the value. To calculate the price, the owner needs to know the measurement of the kitchen. The woodwork cost is usually calculated by taking into account the surface area with the adjacent sides.

kitchen woodwork

There are ample other factors too that add to the cost of a modular kitchen. They are the materials, sides, layouts, kitchen appliances, finishes, backsplash materials, etc. The cost of modular kitchens cost from 50000 to a lakh and more. The cost solely depends on the selection of the items mentioned above.

Cost of Modular Kitchen




Rs.10000 to 15000
CountertopRs. 150 to 2000 per sqft
SinkRs. 3000 to 25000
Chimney and hob

Chimney Rs 12000 to Rs 24000

Hob Rs. 4000 to Rs. 10000

WoodworkDepends upon the Area of the Kitchen


The modular kitchen comes with plenty of materials and accessories, and selecting the materials plays a central part in the total cost. From several brands and brand prices, kitchen appliances are available too. The modular kitchen is affordable and reasonable as it reaches the coast of the carpenter kitchen. The owner must do comprehensive research, plan, and pick the right accessories to avoid additional costs. Plan and make a perfect modular kitchen.

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  1. what is the starting pricing modular kitchen?

The basic model for a modular kitchen starts from Rs 1lakh.

  1. What is included in the modular kitchen?

The modular kitchen includes tall-storage cabinets, wall units, gadgets storage, floor units, etc.

  1. Which material is perfect for the kitchen cabinet?

Marine plywood, wood, stainless steel, MDF, etc. are okay.