Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes: Making the Right Choice for Your Home

Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes:

Can you imagine having a home, but not having a place to keep your essentials, clothes, and everything else? We know the answer is no, and that’s why the needs of the wardrobe never go out of style. However, with time their style and appearance do change.

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to wardrobe, but the one thing that completely changed the look of the closet is a door. These days we have different color options, and material options and can choose different styles of doors for different needs.

Sliding vs. Hinged Wardrobes

We have so many varieties when it comes to wardrobe doors, but if we look for the best options, then Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes stay on top. Now the question is which one is better, the Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes, and why? Here are all the details about the Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes door so that you can make the decision quickly and according to your needs.

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Comparing Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes:

  • Hinged door

The history of the doors attached with the help of hinges is as old as the concept of the door itself and usually, doors are supported by straps, also known as swing doors. These doors are traditional, conventional, and in most cases, the obvious choice of many people.

But with time and the availability of limited spaces, the hinged door poses challenges, and often people are forced to consider other types of entries for the wardrobe.

  • Sliding door

As the name suggests, sliding doors of the wardrobe slide horizontally on the metal channel to reveal the storage space. The sliding doors are becoming popular along with apartment culture due to their sleek design and better use of space, and they don’t need extra space to open.

The sliding door adds a modern look along with an aesthetic appeal to the space, and they are convenient to use and give fierce competition to traditional hinged doors.

Different sliding mechanisms are available in the market, and brands like EBSCO, Hettich, and Aristo are providing Sliders with soft close tools too, which will avoid the noise level and improves the usage of the product.

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Difference between the hinged door and sliding door:

The fight between both types of doors and their quest remains the top as both offer benefits and also have some restrictions so, here we look at what makes each entry different and how it adds to its functionality.

  • Visibility

It is the first thing that shows the difference between Hinged or Sliding Wardrobes. In the sliding door, only one side is visible and you cannot operate both hands together as one hand always remains covered by both sliding panels.

However, the hinged door offers complete visibility, and you can operate both sides of the wardrobe without any difficulty.

  • Space clearance for the door

Sliding doors are excellent for limited space as they use a horizontal axis and do not need any space when opening and closing.

They are best where the home interior doesn’t allow space clearance for the wardrobe door.

Hinged doors do not work efficiently in restricted spaces and need space clearance on the floor to open. When the open, hinged door can easily take away another 2 feet of the area. You cannot have hinged doors if your furniture or space in the room doesn’t allow the wardrobe door to open.

  • Door width limit and plinth clearance

Door width doesn’t have any impact on the sliding doors as the metal channel bears the weight, placed on the floor itself, and it also adds a few mm of space as sliding doors don’t need plinth clearance to open.

The width of the door has a direct impact on the hinged door as the whole frame of the door is supported by the hinges alone, and it also needs plinth clearance to open smoothly, which decrees a few mm of space from the wardrobe.

  • Angular shutters

Here the sliding doors are at a disadvantage as they don’t work well in the corners or if the wardrobe has multiple bends.

The hinges wardrobes are the best choice if the wardrobe consists of angles and shapes. With hinged doors, you can satisfy your creative craving quite effectively.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is something that needs careful evaluation before you install the door to your wardrobe because the low-maintenance door doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The sliding doors are the ones that dive quite deep when it comes to maintenance.

A hinged door doesn’t put such a burden as you can change any part without obstructing the other.

  • Labor

Sliding doors are more economical when it comes to labor because they don’t need expertise and have limited parts to arrange.

Hinge doors are traditional, but they often need much more arrangement than sliding doors and also require experts to do the job.

Questions regarding the door with their answers:

What is the best choice?

Each type of door has its advantage and disadvantage, and their use depends on the availability of space and personal choice, however sliding doors are a better option for limited space, and hinge doors work better in large areas.

Are sliding wardrobes?

Yes, sliding doors are a fantastic choice and give a sleek and contemporary look to your space. You also have a variety of materials to choose from for your sliding door.

Which wood is better for wardrobes?

Plywood does a better job if your wardrobe doors are used roughly, but usually, wardrobe doors don’t expose to moisture or water so MDF will do the job without any trouble.

What is a hinged wardrobe?

When the doors of the wardrobe are attached with the help of hinges, then it’s called a hinged wardrobe. In a hinged wardrobe, the door of the closet opens outward. You have a complete view of the wardrobe when open and can use the inner side of the door as well.