5 Secrets to Know Before Installing a Modular Kitchen

Installing a modular kitchen is the most fantastic thing that happens in kitchens, and they have transformed the way of working in the kitchen. The modular kitchens bring convenience, style, elegance, and effective use of space, and make working in the kitchen magical.

There is no doubt that modular kitchens are the hottest choice among Indians, and most preferred to have a modular kitchen no matter the space. Still, not everyone knows about modular kitchens.

So we bring you a list of things with detail that you must be aware of before installing a modular kitchen in your space.

Things to know before installing a modular kitchen

1. Include the golden triangle rule

The golden triangle rule in installing a modular kitchen consists of the perfect balance between preparation, cooking, and storage. It is essential that your kitchen layout effectively follows this golden rule as it never goes wrong.

Most architects around the world swore by this rule in designing the perfect kitchen.

Include the golden triangle rule modular kitchen

2. Choose low-maintenance materials

It’s quite tempting to opt for cheap stuff, but know that cheap material often increases maintenance costs, which is much costlier than investing in good content as well as putting a dent in your reputation.

Go for durable yet low-cost materials like BWR plywood and glossy finishes. There are many other options also available in all colors and varieties.

Things to Know Before Installing a Modular Kitchen

3. Add different size compartments

The mobile kitchens offer you a great option for customizing your storage space as per your needs. Add the different sizes of compartments to add functionality and boost the storage.

Different size compartments also help to arrange all the things of different shapes and sizes, which usually most Indian kitchens have. 

Things to Know Before Installing a Modular Kitchen

4. Opt for a pantry

A pantry is a separate space or room alongside the kitchen to keep all the extra things off the kitchen like pulses, grains, and everything that might need in the kitchen. 

You can have a vertical pantry in your modular kitchen to handle all the extra groceries that you already have for next month. 

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5. Never forget the ventilation

Never forget ventilation in your modular kitchen as it helps to keep the space fresh and helps to deal with all the smells of your delicious food and to fry you often do. It also brings fresh air and makes working in the kitchen more pleasant. 

Still, having doubts? Read on to know the answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I choose a modular kitchen?

Choosing a  Before installing a modular kitchen is quite a challenge because it needs careful evaluation of every inch of space. Here are simple steps to select a kitchen.

  • Choose the shape or the layout of your kitchen.
  • Select the modules you need in your kitchen.
  • Choose the material for the modules.
  • Finalize the countertops.
  • Choose the necessary appliances.

What includes in the modular kitchen?

Modular kitchens are the perfect solution for every household these days as they effectively use every inch of space. The modular kitchens include countertops, modules with accessories for storage, space for appliances, tall storage cabinets, floor units, etc.

Is a modular kitchen durable?

Yes, mobile kitchens are durable and need less maintenance compared to traditional Indian kitchens. Most modular kitchens use high-quality material, which makes them handle the wear and tear of a kitchen quickly.

What is the Best Material for modular kitchens?

There are different materials available for modular kitchens, such as BWR plywood, steel, aluminum, solid wood, and granite. You can choose the material according to your budget and need; however, BWR plywood is a more common choice.