Which Plywood is The Best for Wardrobes

The Wardrobe Essential: Knowing Which Plywood to Choose

When it comes to building wardrobes, the type of plywood you choose can make all the difference. In this blog article, we’ll discuss which type of plywood is best for making wardrobes and why. We’ll also provide some tips on how to select the right type of ply wood for your wardrobe project. Read on to find out more!

Wardrobes are an essential part of any household, modern or traditional, and it’s hard to imagine a well-organized home without a closet. Built-in wardrobes are also an excellent option for all those who are permanent residents and in no mood to change their home anytime soon and also need more space.

The wardrobes are great and useful and solve storage problems efficiently, but often people have trouble deciding the material for the closets. There are different materials available for the wardrobes like solid wood, steel, and plywood. The steel and solid woods are expensive, yet they offer strength, and durability, and need deficient maintenance.

However, these two are not the option when it comes to portable wardrobes, or when we want cost-cutting, and that’s why often ply wood serves the purpose quite amazingly.

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Ply wood is a fantastic choice for wardrobes and versatile, too, as there are different shades of laminates available to make the closet look classy and match the interior of the home but how to decide which ply-board will do the job?

Don’t worry; we have a solution. Read on to know the types of plywood available out there and which one will be a better choice for the wardrobe.

Types of plywood for wardrobes

There are different types of plywood available out there, but when it comes to home furnishing the most commonly used plywood are:

· BWR (Grade A)

BWR stands for boiling water-resistant ply-board. It is the type of plywood that is usually used to make kitchen cabinets because it is water-resistant, and a kitchen is a place that has moisture exposure quite high.  

Which Plywood is The Best for Wardrobes

· MR (Grade B)

MR is a moisture-resistant ply-board, which is used for furniture making in the home no matter what except kitchen cabinets because of their exposure to water. Though the name suggests that ply-board is moisture resistant, it is not.

Plywood material is best for a modular kitchen

Best plywood for wardrobe

Before we discuss the best ply-board for the closet, it is essential to know the height of the door of the closet. The consideration of height is essential because the plyboard tends to bend from the middle if we are using it for a length of more than 4 feet. If the height of the wardrobe door is above 4 feet, then consider having a blockboard because they do not bend when used for extended heights.

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Now the question is, block-board is better than plywood?

The answer is no, simply because plywood is durable and robust when compared to the blackboard. Still, plywood works best for small doors, tables, and other home furnishing needs and generally does not consider an excellent option for the lengthy doors of the wardrobe.

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Blackboard can consider for lengthy doors which are vertically high to avoid the bending nature.

Some characteristics of the blockboard

  • Blockboard is a bit less costly than plywood.
  • The block boards are made of soft blocks of wood that are covered with ply from either side to form a long panel. In India, mostly pine wood is used for blockboard.
  • Usually, do not bend or sag when used for extended frames like the room door and wardrobe door.