8 Best Ways to Get Rid of Lizards

Get Rid of Lizards Inside Your House: Lizards are your most common companion in your home. You are not alone if you don’t like the sight of that little critter we call a lizard in your home. You might also have a few family members who will run for life from the view of lizards. However, they are harmless, and most of the time, stay away from your path. It doesn’t mean that if they are harmless, you will have to bear their presence in your home.

How to Get Rid of Lizards Inside Your House?

The presence of lizards also depends on geographical reasons. Humid areas and rural areas have a higher population of lizards because of favorable living conditions. Get Rid of Lizards is not the smart way to deal with them.

Practically, you cannot chase them away with a broom or stick and no matter where you live in the world, the lizard survives everywhere.

Now the big question is how to Get Rid of Lizards. 

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Lizards

Place onion, garlic, or eggshell in frequent corner

Garlic and onion are the staple food in Indian households. Even if you are one of those who don’t use onion and garlic, you can easily find them in the local market. These apply to the egg as well. Now, you might be wondering why we are talking about onion, garlic, and egg. Here is the answer.

You may or may not like garlic, onion, or egg in your food, but the lizards hate their smells. It is one of the safest methods to try, and it is quite economical as well. You can always use peels and eggshells and replace them the next day.

Get Rid of Lizards

We don’t want germs and bacteria while trying to get rid of lizards, so keep the hygiene level up.

Air out cabinets regularly, especially in the bathroom

Lizards love to hide in dark places, and they look for damp spaces to lay eggs. The only way to keep lizards away from your cabinets is by keeping your cabinets free of moisture. Air out cabinets regularly, and you can use newspaper to line the cabinets and change them frequently.

killing of Lizards

Give special attention to the bathroom cabinets because they are close to moisture and often provide a safe space for lizards.

Pepper Spray bottle

Yes, you read right. Your dear pepper spray bottle is your handy companion in chasing the lizards away. Lizards stay away from pepper spray because it causes a burning sensation in their body. So keep your pepper spray within reach.

Get Rid of Lizards by pepper spray bottle

You can prepare pepper spray at home also. All you need black pepper powder, a spray bottle, and water. Mix the water and pepper powder and pour them into the spray bottle. Use it whenever needed, but keep it away from children.

Lower the temperature

Do you remember your biology lesson about mammals that can’t maintain their bodies’ temperature and go into hibernation during cold weather? Well, lizards are one of those mammals, and they do not survive in cold places or go into hibernation in the winter seasons—the reason you do not see lizards in the winter season.

killing Lizards by low temperature

In summer, you can use your AC to bring your room temperature down and chase the lizard out of it. Yes, it is an expensive method, but you can try if there is a lizard in your room and want it out.

Keep potted plants and fruit peeled out.

Moisture and humidity is the ideal condition for lizards to survive and lay eggs. If you have too many potted plants inside your house, then it’s time you change their position and, if possible, bring some of them out. If you cannot bring all the plants out, then keep the space airy and change their position from time to time.

Keep potted plants and fruit peel out.

Also, don’t leave fruits and vegetable peel inside for too long. The reason is vegetable and fruit peels attract flies, and mosquitoes and lizards feed on these. So throw the peels right away in a closed dustbin.

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Use Naphthalene Balls

Yes, naphthalene balls are here once again, and this time to save your home from lizards.

Well, you are not alone. Who does not like the smell coming from the naphthalene balls? Lizards, too, stay away from these white balls, and you can use them in your cabinets, bathrooms, and other places where lizards frequent. These naphthalene balls are readily available in your general store nearby and do not cost much.

Use naphthalene balls 

However, do not use these balls if you have kids and pets in your home or keep them away from their reach.

Use Mosquito-Repellent Liquid.

Well, lizards are not that bad. You may not like the sight of a lizard in your home, but they are doing a favor to you.

If you are wondering what kind of favor a lizard does for you, then here are the answers. Lizards feed on flies, mosquitoes, and other little pesky creatures in your home and keep their population down.

Use mosquito repellent liquid.

Still, wants to chase lizards away? Then use mosquito repellent liquids and spray to keep mosquitoes and flies away, and lizards would not give visit your home.

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Use Vibrating Machines

Last but not least. The market is full of such machines that promise to keep lizards away. These machines produce ultrasonic ways, and lizards hate these ways or get the danger signal. These machine manufacturers promise that these machines are safe for humans, and they do not use any harmful liquid or poison.

You can give them a try because some people vouch for these machines. They are also available quite easily and need to plug into electricity.


Nobody likes the sight of a lizard, and some people even have a phobia of them. Killing is not the right way, and that is why here we have provided you with some simple and economical methods to keep lizards away from your home. Use them and enjoy a lizard-free home.